Monastery Lykaki

Inside the beautiful gorge of Viros behind Kardamyli, there is the Monastery Lykaki dating between the 14th and 16th century and stands ruined in the lush ravine. The monastery Lykaki is dedicated to the Annunciation and is a small cruciform four-columned church with an octagonal dome.

The Monastery Lykaki existed before 1720, as mentioned in a will of the area. In the surroundings there are two additional buildings. On one building, there are built tanks apparently used in the neighboring olive press that is also abandoned. At the southwestern edge of the building there is the base of the tower of the monastery and the empty shell of a two storey building.

The interior of the church at the Monastery Lykaki has a very beautiful temple and is decorated with exceptional paintings of the 18th century. Unfortunately most of them are in poor condition due to non- maintenance, but also by the fact that they are full of names of the old monastery visitors, who had the habit to carve on them. The oldest signature is probably of some stranger traveler as the date 1827 is written next to the name. This probably indicates that the monastery Lykaki was already abandoned by that time. The fresco on the roof at the entrance the temple is very interesting and depicts the zodiac.

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