Monastery of Sidiroporta

The Monastery of Sidiroporta of the late 16th century is at northeast of Kalamata, at a distance of about 20 km and near the village Karveli in western Taygetos.

The Monastery of Sidiroporta got its name from the heavy iron door brought from Constantinople by the founder and then Bishop Methonis, Parthenios so as to secure the monastery and he wrote on it “It is an eternal Cottage”. It is also known that Methonis Parthenios was among the first monks of Monastery of Sidiroporta.

The church of the Monastery of Sidiroporta, which was once known by the names Virgin Mary or Plastaina or Perivleptos, is dedicated to the Assumption although it celebrates on August 23rd at “novena of Virgin Mary.”

The Catholic of the Monastery of Sidiroporta is of cruciform-aisled style and the dome is double.

Because of its position the traditionally male monastery of Sidiroporta, which today belongs to the ruined monasteries of the Holy Metropolis of Messinia, played an important role in pre-revolutionary years of the liberation struggle in 1821 working as a secret school and refuge for fighters. However, according to some historians, Papaflessas remained as prisoner in Monastery of Sidiroporta until a few days before the revolution started.

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