One of the most famous and beautiful hiking trails of Messinia is famous Mpiliovo, the paved pathway that connects the villages Sotirianika and Altomira in Exo Mani and it was recently characterized as a monument.

The left part has a length of 3 km and 83 turns ( 78 of which are of 180 degrees) goes from Sotirianika (altitude of 300 m) to Altomira (800 m altitude).

Mpiliovo in some parts climbs on rock and in its biggest part it moves across with steep stream. As the trail climbs higher and the altitude increases, the walkers have the opportunity to admire from the top the villages of Mani and the Messinian Bay.

The construction of the path Mpiliovo started in 1904 and is considered an achievement of folk architecture. Many of the turns are made ​​in steep slopes, while the creation of the path needed stone artisans and laborers coming from neighboring villages. It is estimated that the construction of Mpiliovo ended in 1928 according to a carved stone inscription.

The hiking uphill in Mpiliovo is among the most popular trails in Messinia. It takes about two to two and a half hours and besides the fact that is upward, it doesn’t have any particular difficulty.

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