Municipal Theatre of Kalamata (Regional Theatre of Kalamata )

The Municipal Theatre of Kalamata was founded in 1984. It has two stages, the Central and New one. Plays of Greek and  global drama and performances for children are presented in these stages during the winter season. During the summer a classic play of the Municipal Theatre of Kalamata is presented in the amphitheater of the castle.

The plays of the winter season are presented in Kalamata, in region and surrounding prefectures and often in Athens, while the summer play is presented not only in Kalamata, but also in major festivals and cultural events of our country.

So far the Municipal Theatre of Kalamata has presented 150 plays of Greek and global drama. Basic guideline of its activity is an attempt to combine entertaining, informative and instructive nature of theater.

On the occasion of the plays, various events (conferences – debates , exhibitions and screenings ) are organized by the Municipal Theatre of Kalamata and the magazine “Theatrical Kalamata” is published offering a complete presentation of theatrical performance.

The Main Stage of the Municipal Theatre of Kalamata is housed in the old factory of Electricity Company at Dimosthenous street while the New Stage is in the amphitheater of the building of the Municipal Philarmonic Band. Today the two stages operate under the auspices of the Public Benefit Company of Kalamata “FARIS”.

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