The Museum of Mourtzinos

The Museum of Mourtzinos is situated in the Old Kardamyli and it is housed in a residence of three floors, in the Tower of Mourtzinos. The Museum hosts scale models and photographs through which it presents the life in the region of Mani.

The aim of the exhibition at the Museum Mourtzinos is to help every visitor understand the social structures of the region and how they affected the special architectural character of the place.

The Museum of Mourtzinos is divided in three sections. Three are also the levels of the Tower house that hosts the Museum. At the ground floor, you will find pictures and information about the complex of the fortress but also about the Mourtzinos family.

On the first floor of the Museum, follows the presentation of the organization and physiognomy of the settlements consisting Mani from the megalithic buildings of the early Christian centuries to the neoclassic style houses of the period after the Revolution.

On the second floor of the Museum of Mourtzinos, there evidence and information given that are relevant to the social structure of Mani and how it affected the residential environment.  There is also available information concerning the towers, the tower houses, the fortresses, the cobbled roads, the ports, the shifts etc.

The Museum of Mourtzinos is open to visitors every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 pm to 16:00 am.

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