Mycenaean settlement in Antikalamos

The Mycenaean settlement in Antikalamos of Messinia was accidentally discovered during construction of the highway.

Just six kilometers to the northwest of the city of Kalamata, very close to the new hospital of Messinian capital, archaeologists found the center of the Mycenaean settlement in Antikalamos. The nearest settlement until then had been found in Pylia, while in the surrounding area, in Ancient Thouria we have found ruins of the classical era, tombs and cemeteries, which make the Mycenaean settlement in Antikalamos extremely important.

The excavation brought to light fragments of frescoes, figurines and small clay statuettes. The Mycenaean settlement in Antikalamos dates back to 3,000 years and according to them, it was built on a hillside with spectacular view. By decision of the Ministry of Culture the findings of Ancient Antikalamos were classified in order to continue the construction of the regional road of Kalamata and archaeological surveys will continue on the second phase at the highest points of the hill.

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