The Nature Trail

The Nature Trail was created at Gialova Lagoon at Divari, by the Ornithological Society, under the European program LIFE-Nature. This trail is a path of one km that crosses the 8 major ecosystems found in Gialova lagoon. The beginning of the nature trail is located at the old Pump Station of the lagoon.

For each ecosystem along the route there is a sign describing the habitat, the vegetation that grows there and the colonizing organisms such as turtles, birds, chameleon, frogs, fish, insects, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the Nature Trail at Gialova was created for the first time in Greece and it is intended to familiarize visitors with nature, the importance of micro-ecosystems in a wetland, the effect of water on their configuration and the human effect.

Some of the characteristic species and ecosystems encountered on this route are: grasslands, artificial channel, small freshwater lakes, dunes, maquis vegetation (low compact heath), salt marshes and the lagoon.

The Nature Trail can be navigated within 45 minutes and it is an easy, educational trip for all ages.

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