Nedousa is a picturesque village in Taygetos, surrounded by greenery, just 19 kilometers away from Kalamata. Its name was Megali Anastasova until 1927. The hero of the 1821, Nikitas Stamatopoulos, known as Nikitaras, was born in Nedousa. There is his house and bust on the square of the village.

At the entrance of Nedousa, we meet a tall arched stone bridge with arch opening of 12 meters and height of 22 meters. It is one of many bridges in the region and it is between two stone mills.

Three kilometers away from Nedousa there is the historical monastery of Mardaki built in 1504. We can still see the catholic part, which is dedicated to the Assumption, while around it there are traces of cells and an impressive fountain.

Nedousa is also famous for its carnival. Every year on first Monday in Lent, the residents revive an authentic rural ritual, a kind of ” popular theater ” consisting of a series of acts by a group of disguised people and it has the primary purpose of ensuring a good year and fertility.

The Mountaineering Club of Kalamata has created the climbing park of Nedousa, on the gorge outside of the entrance of the village having more than 50 trails.

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