Olives from Kalamata

Olive is one of the most famous products produced by Messinia, Kalamata. It is a variety of edible olives produced only in our country and is traditionally exporting product and it is firmly at the top quality of category “edible olives” in the world ranking.

The fruit of the edible olives from Kalamata is collected since November until Christmas. It is renowned for the cylindrical – conical shape and deep black shiny color. With proper process (cut, brine, vinegar) we have cut olives in vinegar sauce, a tradename widespread in Greece and abroad.

The tiny olives from Kalamata, knows as “ambassadors of Messinia” throughout the world and their cultivation, play a crucial role in the economic development of Messinia and have been recognized as a staple food in Greek and foreign markets. The excellent climatic conditions combined with irrigation and harvest of the fruit by hand have of course excellent quality and unique taste of olives from Kalamata.

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