Paths of the Olive Tree

The Paths of the Olive Tree is a cultural, non -profit, non- governmental institution with base in Kalamata and aims at the international promotion and development of the history and culture of this valuable tree for the benefit of the oil producing area. Small and large travels through the paths of Olive tree and numerous events have taken place or were planned in Greece and in various countries, such as photography and painting exhibitions, cultural and commercial meetings, competitions, information sessions, etc. as well as numerous publications about history, symbolism, the importance of the olive tree and the nutritional value of its products.

The Paths of the Olive Tree have a vast network of partners in 28 countries and have been officially recognized by Unesco as “World Cultural Route” and by the Council of Europe as “Great European Cultural Route”.

The action of the Paths of the Olive Tree began in 1998, with starting point, ancient Pylos that is not a choice by chance as in this place there are many evidence for the presence of olive trees in Greece since ancient times.

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