Pelekanada is a village in Messinia, built at an altitude of 282 meters, which is 30 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata. About 230 residents live there permanently.

Pelekanada probably took its name by the big number of stone hewers, who lived in the village since the last century. The stone was the basic building material and craftsmen who were forming it for each use, were in big demand.

Today the main occupation of residents in Pelekanada is farmland.

Many people are gathered in the village in the Festival of Pumpkin that takes place every August in the schoolyard.

The recipes for sweet and savory dishes with pumpkin and courgettes are accompanied by food, wine and dancing, so the feast in Pelekanada lasts until morning. Organizer is the Association of Women in Pelekanada. The women of the village wanted to restore the low estimate that most people have about this delicious and very useful vegetable and it is also a good opportunity to show their traditional recipes and highlight its nutritional value.

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