Philharmonic Band of Kalamata

The Philharmonic Band of Kalamata is founded by the Municipality of Kalamata in 1890, under the name “Philharmonic Society of Kalamata”. In 1939 it was transformed into a Public Entity, under the direct supervision of the Municipality of Kalamata with its current name, Philharmonic Band of Kalamata.

The activities that Philharmonic Band of Kalamata take place, are parades, religious events and ceremonies in churches of Kalamata and the region and all forms of ceremonial events. It also organizes concerts indoors and outdoors. The Philharmonic Band of Kalamata has been honored many times for its work and offer.

It has participated in many festivals of Philharmonic Bands and has given concerts in various cities of Greece and abroad. The Philharmonic Band of Kalamata is housed in an old mansion of agonist Panagiotis Tzanes that was used by Great General of Petros Mavromichalis as supply stores during the revolution of 1821. The mansion is located in the old city of Kalamata on Ypapanti street.

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