Poliani of Messinia is a small mountain village at an altitude of about 680 meters and just 21 km away from the center of Kalamata. It is the birthplace of the great fighter of 21, Grigorios Dikaios or Papaflessas and the great fighter of 1821, Anagnostaras or Panagiotis Koromilas. In Poliani the residents are occupied with agriculture and animal husbandry. They mainly produce apples, nuts, grains , beans , and many fruits and vegetables .

Historically the village was founded in Byzantine times during the acne of Mystra. For the origin of the name Poliani there are many versions, the most prevalent is that derived from the phrase “poloi naoi” (many temples). Historically Poliani has records for over 45 Byzantine churches . We can still see from the Byzantine period the Church of Virgin Mary (Assumption), with remarkable frescoes of the 12th century and the church of the Holy Cross, one of the finest Byzantine monuments of Messinia. In Poliani there is still the house of Papaflessas and the ruins of the first free primary school, after the Revolution of 1921 .

Most residents of Poliani move from November to March to Amfeia or Agrilos. During the winter months the village is inhabited by about 5 families.

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