Popular Library of Kalamata

The Popular Library of Kalamata is one of the largest libraries of Greek region and was awarded with the first prize of the Academy of Athens. It was founded in 1933 and is located on the 5th floor of the Cultural Center of Kalamata, in the center of the capital of Messinia.

More than 85,000 volumes of books, 2,500 periodical titles (60,000 volumes) and 200 titles of messinian newspapers (more than 100,000 sheets) are hosted in the premises of the Popular Library of Kalamata and 42 of which are dated back to the 19th century. It also has 450 tied volumes covering all publications of the main messinian newspapers since 1935 until today.

There are also more than 50,000 sheets of non messinian newspapers ( mostly pre-war ), a file about the Second World War and the 19th century, and hundreds of private and public manuscripts. The Popular Library of Kalamata keep rare and valuable books, relics of 16th and 17th century , among which we can see the complete works of Plato.

In the PopularLibrary of Kalamata there is a reading room for 50 people, with glass dome (natural lighting) and air conditioning, and an outdoor reading room.

On the 4th floor of the same building you can also find the Public Library of Kalamata for more educational purposes.

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