Port of Kalamata

The port of Kalamata was inhabited on the western beach. During the pre-revolutionary years the warehouses, shops and Customs office were formed there. Back then the sea transport was made by boats and barges.

Today, the central point of port of Kalamata is the Square of Customs office (Teloneio), in which we can see the administrative building and the Port Authority. It is a complex of buildings with two floors and neoclassical elements. Just to the west of the square you will see a huge building of the Autonomous Raisin Organization. To the westernmost from the Customs Office, there is the city’s marina, which is full of many seafront restaurants.

Continuing to east of the port of Kalamata there is the abandoned industrial building of Mills of Messinia “Evagelistria” a heritage monument built in 1926 and reminds us another time, when the port of Kalamata was full of merchants and the center of Messinia and all Greece.

Continuing to east of the port of Kalamata you will reach to the town beach which is under the avenue of Navarino with large sidewalks, palm trees, the neoclassical buildings of early 20th century and of course the beach. In the morning everyone swims and in the evening everyone can go for a walk.

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