Potamia is a mountain village at an altitude of 650 meters, 14.5 km southeast of Kyparissia. It is surrounded by lush mountains, literally hidden in a unique natural environment, at the confluence of two small rivers. In Potamia, due to its location, the sun rises late and sets early. Formerly, the village was called Kantirogli and was renamed to Potamia in 1956.

In this lovely small settlement, unfortunately there are no longer residents. The nearest populated village is Palaio Loutro at a distance of 3.5 km.

During the period of Venetian and Turkish rule, Potamia belonged administratively to territorio, kaza or vilayet of Arcadia, that is the wider region having as center current Kyparissia.

Potamia has never been a big village, but it has two churches. One used to be the funerary church and is dedicated to Saint John Chrysostom (November 13). The other, the “central” one, is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, on whose feast day (August 15) celebrates or rather used to celebrate once the village.

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