Prophet Elias – Trinity

The hiking trail Prophet Elias – Holy Trinity is lasting about three and a half hours and takes place at the foot of western Taygetos. It starts from the chapel of Prophet Elias near the village of Ano Verga.

At the start of the route Prophet Elias – Holy Trinity we go to northeast above the forest road which comes from Ano Verga . At 500 meters we search the beginning of the trail, which after 30 minutes of hiking brings us to the summit of Mountain Kalathi. From here the view to the peaks of Taygetos is panoramic. After a short descent to the east for about 30 minutes, we get close to Saint Georgios.

After about an hour on the route Prophet Elias – Holy Trinity we find the forest road leading down to Ano Verga. We follow it and after 40 minutes we reach to a plateau. We take the eastern wooded hillside and walk over the path that passes through the source and old building, leads us after a descent to the end of the route Prophet Elias – Holy Trinity, in the monastery of the Holy Trinity, where there is a source of drinking water.

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