Revmatia is a village belonging to the municipality of Messini and is 41 km away from the city of Kalamata.

It is an old village, built in the 13th century AD on the ancient location Eira where about 100 residents live there. The big number of sources is very typical feature of the area of Revmatia.

The arched bridge, which is near the village, was built before 1900 and you will find the location Platanakia on the way from Revmatia to Zermpisia.

It is made with reddish stone, “manganopetra”, as the locals call it. You will meet 50 meters above the bridge the source of the stream Platanakia.

The stream Platanakia is poured from Revmatia in Kastreiko river (Lefkasia or Xasteros) and along with the river Amfitas, they form Valyra or Mavrozoumena in bridge of Mavrozoumena.

In 1946 after a strong lowering of the stream that covered the whole bridge, the parapets and its base were swept away and the arch of the bridge was only left. After the repairs that were made, it still has its current form and is considered one of the attractions in the surrounding area of Revmatia.

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