Saint Sophia of the Castle of Koroni

In the center of the castle of Koroni you comes across, next to the monastery of Saint John the Baptist, the ruins of a small cruciform basilica, the church of Saint Sophia of the Castle of Koroni. This church was built during the twelfth century on the foundations of the ancient temple of Apollo. Within the ruins, you can see the baptismal font, the stone steps of the pulpit and a niche of the Bema. All around there are columns and broken plates.

The original surviving building of Saint Sophia of the Castle of Koroni is a single-aisle, vaulted church of small dimensions. In this church was built in the west a compartment with a roof on the East-West axis. Thus, from the outside the church is clearly bipartite. On the inside, Saint Sophia of the Castle of Koroni has a built iconostasis, which bears three openings (narrow and long gates). From the 4 corners of the square open up arches, upon which is set the low drum of the dome, which has clogged windows (except for the east one).

The name of the church, according to the the nuns and many locals is dedicated to Saint Sophia, the martyr, while according to others, to the Divine Wisdom (Sophia in Greek). In 1927, under the fortress walls of the town was found a pectoral icon bearing characteristics of Byzantine art. It is a Byzantine representation of Saint Sophia of the 14th century, which perhaps is evidence that Saint Sophia of the Castle of Koroni was dedicated to the martyr of Orthodoxy.

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