Sanctuary of Pamisos

According toarchaeological researches in the area of the Messinian valley and the testimonies of Strabo and Pausanias, the Sanctuary of Pamisos was at the river source in the village of Agios Floros.

Pausanias in “Messiniaka”, making reference to the river of Pamisos, mentions the worship of river God Pamissos, to whom they attribute healing powers. One of the sources of Pamissos is centrally located in the village, opposite to the restored church of Saints Floros and Lavros, next to perennial and oversized plane tree.

On the north side of the village, there are two small, but deep lakes, covered with water lilies and other aquatic plants . They are called “Matia” and very close to this area they unearthed the ruins of the Sanctuary of Pamisos. It is an ancient sanctuary of Asklipios of Doric rhythm with a marble column and the inscription: “ASKLAPIODOROS PAMISOI” and another one: “DEXIPPOS EYXHN EPIKOO PAMISO.”

Many other important findings came to light in the Sanctuary of Pamisos: Five kouroi, some brass statuettes depicting young children with deformed parts, figurines (mostly bronze and clay) depicting humans, gods, heroes and animals, especially bulls depicting the river god.

Several of the findings of the Sanctuary of Pamisos are in the Archaeological Museum of Messinia, while the brass findings are in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

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