Strefi is a beautiful village in the municipality of Messini, is situated at an altitude of 225 meters and it is 27 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata. About 550 residents live in neighborhoods of the village. Strefi is surrounded by the river Velikas, which is united with another small river of the region and they flow into the beach of Velikas.

The plane trees, willows, reeds and dense vegetation in combination with running and clean water make the walk around Strefi really exciting and refreshing.

Many people are gathered in Strefi on August 15th for the feast that takes place in the village, after the liturgy in the chapel of Virgin Mary. They organize a dance ball and feasting at the village on every Sunday of Carnival.

The view from Strefi is excellent, since you can see on the hills, the beaches of Kalamata and the vast land with vineyards, olive and fig trees of Messinian Plain.

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