The tombs of Dioscuri

The tombs of the Dioscuri, of Castor and Pollux, the mythical sons of the queen of Sparta, Leda, and the father of the gods, Zeus, are – according to the description of Strabo – carved in a rock, in Kardamyli. Castor and Pollux ruled together Sparta. The institution of dual monarchy was institutionalized and applied in the State of the Spartans by those two twin brothers.

To reach their tombs you simply have to walk about 10 minutes along the path from the Old Kardamyli to the village Agia Sophia.

The tombs are situated inside the gorge of Viros. The Gorge extents from the forest of Basilica at the Mount Taygetus and constitutes one of the famous hiking routes starting from Kardamyli.

The Hellenistic chamber tombs of Dioscuri are two rectangular cavities adjacent to one another, carved into a vertical cliff.

It is noted, however, that the tombs are classified as Historical Monument and, therefore, it is not allowed to enter inside.

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