Tomato and Onion Festival

A special festival takes place in recent years in the village of Metamorphosis of Messinia, the tomato and onion festival. The festival is carried out the second half of August by the Women’s Association of Metamorphosis, which honors both products produced in the region. The unique variety of the local tomato, “Chodrokatsari” as it is called, is the cooking basis of the club members, who offer unique flavors to visitors of the event.

The Tomato and Onion Festival turns into a tasting festival with traditional, as well as original dishes that all have as basic ingredients tomato and onion, savory as well as sweet!

The eclectic food and the plenty of (free) wine under the sounds and traditional songs cheer up the spirits soaring until late night hours turning the Tomato and Onion Festival into a folk feast.

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