Tower of Christeas

At Agios Demetrios, in Mani, approximately two kilometers southeast of the village of St. Nicholas, stands outs the well-preserved Tower of Christeas.

The Tower of Christeas was named after the captain of the area, Captain Christeas, who along participated in the liberation of Kalamata and in the Greek Revolution of 1821. In 1826, Ibrahim Pasha tried to disembark at the port of the village but he failed. The same thing continued in the entire Mani.

At the Tower of Christeas, you will find the historic cannon that is known throughout Mani with the name “Kopsocheila” whose operator was Stephanos Christeas or Ksideas from San Dimitrios. He had stolen the cannon from a large Venetian ship and the name means that “it cut the lips”. It was inspired by the fact that when Stephanos Christeas used the cannon to attack the Flagship of Ibrahim, he cut a piece from the upper part of his lip.

The Tower of Christeas is a historic preserved monument according to the decision of the Ministry of Culture and it is estimated to have been built in the period of the two decades of the 19th century, before the Greek Revolution of 1821.

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