Tower of Houseas

The tower is located in the village Proastio of West Mani and it is one of the oldest and the most important post-Byzantine villages, with traditional buildings.

The Tower of Houseas was built in the early 19th century. It has been identified by the Ministry of Culture as a historical monument, as it is a characteristic example of the architecture prevailing during this period.

The Tower of Houseas has two floors and a wooden roof. The ground floor was covered with a semicylindrical vault and the masonry consists of rectangular stones of local limestone.

The only decorative element of the Tower is a stone relief of folk art, with a feathered head, above the window of the north side, which is seen in many sites in the region, both secular and religious, dating from the early 19th century until the Liberation.

The towers of Mani, just like the Tower of Houseas, are a unique category of architectural projects in Greece. With the simple and rigorous architecture, constructed entirely from the abundant material of the place, the stone is in perfect harmony with the landscape of Mani.

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