Tower of Koumoundouros

The Tower of Koumoundouros is located at Kampos in West Mani and it is another example of the perfect and flawless art of fortification. It was the home of the Bey of Mani, Captain Koumoundouros or Koumoundouros. The Tower, which is now deserted, consisted of two floors and it was the place where Alexander Koumoundouros (1815-1883), a leading figure of the political life of modern Greece, was born.

Alexander Koumoundouros was the son of the fighter Galanis Koumoundourakis, therefore he came from a large and wealthy family from Mani. He was elected ten times as the Prime Minister of Greece for a total period of nearly 7.5 years. His bust is located at the entrance of the Tower of Koumoundouros at Kampos.

Near the Tower of Koumoundouros, there is the Mycenaean vaulted tomb of the Homeric Machaonos, a famous physician of antiquity, who was the son of Asclepius and participated in the War of Troy, where he eventually died. According to the legend, the king of Pilos, Nestor brought the dead body of Mahaonas home and buried it.

In the same area, where the Tower of Koumoundouros is found, you will see the Castle of Zarnata, who played an important role during the Greek Revolution.

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