Urban Bus

You can use the bus to move around the city of Kalamata. With four lines and very frequent itineraries, especially in summer, the buses are the most popular way to move for residents of the city in their daily lives, but also in their ride. It is particularly helpful means of transport for visitors of Kalamata too, as you will move by bus easily and quickly from wherever you are, to the city attractions and the beach.

The bus operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Kalamata, with four lines:

Line 1: Kalamata – Philoxenia – Kalamata

Line 2: Asylo – Agia Triada – Asylo

Line 3: OSE – Leika – OSE

Line 4: University – Kordia – University

You can see here  in detail all routes.


For more information please contact the Municipal Bus Lines of Kalamata:

Square March 23, Kalamata

Tel: 27210 23377

Fax: 27210 99089

Email: [email protected]

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