Valyra is a town of Messinia and belongs to the municipality of Messini. It is built at the foot of Mountain Ithomi and is 22 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata. It has about 1000 residents, whose main occupation is farming since the plain is full of trees and of course is famous for the oil and olives of good quality.

The town of Valyra is located on a fertile valley that is crossed by the two rivers, Pamisos and Mavrozoumena. Its location coincides with the history of Ancient Messini.

The name Valyra comes from the ancient musician Thamyris that is mentioned in the Iliad. He was charming and very talented and he lived in the area.

According to the law of Kapodistrias for the administrative division of Greece until 2010, Valyra was seat of the municipality Ithomis that now has been abolished. Nevertheless, in the town of Valyra visitors can find various services, shops and of course tourism infrastructure, such as accommodation for every taste, and traditional restaurants and taverns.

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