The wall of Verga

The wall of Verga is located about 7 km away from the city of Kalamata in location of Almyros on the Beach of Verga. Verga was named the small fortification built at the initiative and expense of people from Mani to guard the borders of the city to Kalamata. In the same area there was also another similar wall which was built for the same purpose and its traces still stand there.

The wall of Verga extends to the entire length of the gorge of Almyros by the sea to a steep and impassable point of the mountain near the village of Kato Verga and has a length of approximately 1 km. The wall of Verga is actually a stone fence with large embrassures. The height reached 2m and was reinforced by two fortified towers: to the west to the sea with a square tower and east to the mountain with a round bastion with rooms for cannons.

The wall of Verga, which survives today half-destroyed, is built in order to stop the army of Ibrahim and avoid the subordination of Mani. The battle that took place here on 26 and 27 June 1826 is very significant as it is the first time that the army of Ibrahim had losses. In commemoration of this battle the monument of Warrior from Mani was erected in Beach of Verga.

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