Zoumpouleio Hall

The Zoumpouleio Hall is located at the corner of Univ. Kesari and Anagnostara streets, to the southeast of the Municipal Cultural Center. It is an impressive eclecticist two-storey building of 1905, with symmetry in openings and especially intense morphological elements.

The Zoumpouleio Halla has an attic, which is adorned with gables, plaster imitating stonework and balconies that have marble cornices and decorated metal railings.

Today the restored Zoumpouleio Hall houses the Municipal School of Dance and is the base of International Dance Festival of Kalamata. Around 400 people a year study in the Municipal School of Dance in Zoumpouleio Hall. The school is equipped with modern material and technical infrastructure and teaching staff. It has two classes. The one for amateurs, where all children and adults of Kalamata can participate and the one for professionals attended by children who want to study dance intensively to give exams in Higher Dance Schools in Greece or abroad.

In school, in the building of Zoumpouleio Hall, there is full training program with courses of classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, improvisation, Tai chi and music education.


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