Mykonos - Entertainment

You would never expect it from such a small island, but entertainment on Ithaca takes on a variety of forms. Most of you imagine quiet bars on the shore, interesting cocktails with radiant summer colors and tastes and a relaxed atmosphere...

This indeed is one of the types of entertainment you will find on this summer island, mainly at the bars of Milos, at Vathi, "across", as the locals use to say, this side of the harbor, where apart from your drink you can also enjoy light food and desserts. All the Cafe-bars are lined one next to the other, with tables right on the edge of the sea, and the view of the harbor, especially when the moon is up, is magical. But if you are up to partying all night, Ithaca and its clubs will not disappoint you, as the "laid-back" cocktails turn to innumerable shots, and as the rhythm of the music gets higher, so does the mood of the patrons, giving entertainment at Ithaca a... different meaning!

If you are staying in northern Ithaca, then at the villages of Frikes and Kioni you will find venues that are open from early morning ... to early the next morning, offering coffee, something to eat, delicious cocktails and where you can party till the sun rises.

In case entertainment for you is not only cafes and bars, then Ithaca offers also a different set of activities: diving, canoe, snorkeling, so you will enjoy as much as possible of the amazing underwater world and the clear sea of this Ionian island.

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