Mykonos - Tradition

An island with a history that dates back thousands of years, a worldwide symbol of nostos and of the love we feel for our homeland, Ithaca could show nothing less than a rich culture, that is part of the life of its inhabitants and its visitors.

Spread throughout the island are archaeological sites, full of significant findings, whereas the Homeric references hold a special place in Ithaca's culture: even though researchers claim that he had never set foot on the island, the way he describes Ithaca is like he is talking directly to the visitor about what he is seeing, and his descriptions are still relevant today. The byzantine tradition and the Venetian rule have left their own marks on Ithaca's culture and their influence is most visible at the monasteries and churches of the island.

The museums of Ithaca are the safeguards of the ancient cultural history of the island, while at Ithaca's feasts, full of the Ionian spirit, you will get the chance to meet the contemporary traditions of the island. A significant number of cultural associations and centers play an important role in the cultural life of the island, while the small Ionian island has also a big tradition in sports.

Finally, the sights of Ithaca, that may refer to its culture and history, but also its natural beauties, will leave no visitor untouched.

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