Phocis – Cultural Attractions

  • Shipyards

    Tarsanades are the shipyards of Galaxidi, which flourished in the 19th century , when Galaxidi’s ships dominated the seas.

  • Pullets in Kaloskopi

    The Turrets outside of Kaloskopi in Gkiona is an area where the guerilla fighters of '21 watched the Turks from far and startled them.

  • Madamia

    Madamia is a region with many springs near to Polydrossos of Parnassus. Here is rescued a high medieval tower.

  • Girl’s school of Galaxidi

    The Girl’s school of Galaxidi is a neoclassical building with Doric columns at the entrance, built in 1880 and now serves as a cultural space.

  • The Castle of Amfissa

    The Castle of Amfissa otherwise is called the Castle of Salona and Castle of Oria, because of the legend for the princess who was said to suicide by its tower.

  • European Cultural Centre of Delphi

    International festivals, conferences, symposia and seminars are organized annually by the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

  • Arvanitorachi

    In Arvanitorachi of Gkiona was written one of the most glorious pages of the Greek Revolution, the Battle of Dremissas, on May 17 1821.

  • Agios Nikolaos (Area)

    It is the church that is built by the Greeks in Arvanitorachi of Gkiona in honor of Agios Nikolaos of Metsovo, after the Battle of Dremissa.

  • Charmaina

    The traditional district Charmaina in Amfissa was the area were the Tanneries, the district with the reputed laboratories tanning center.

  • Hani of Gravia

    In Hani of Gravia in Phocis, Odysseus Androutsos and 117 more lads defeated the army of Omer Vryonis, in May of 1821.

  • Mining Park of Phocis

    In the Mining Park of Phocis, the visitors have the opportunity to browse through the galleries of bauxite mining and informed about the steps of the process.

  • Τουριστικό Περίπτερο Πικιώνη

  • Tourist Kiosk Pikioni

    The Tourist Kiosk Pikioni is located just outside of Delphi and it was previously the point of meeting for celebrities of worldwide.

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