Phocis - Access

The access to areas around Delphi and Arachova is realized in three ways:

• Car

• Interurban Bus

• Train

If you choose as means of transport to access by your car, you will easily reach even in the most remote village, as the roads are paved in its entirety. You can then visit each attraction, monument, but also a beach of area, where the only way to access is by car.

The interurban buses of Phocis serve those who choose to access by a more restful means of transport. The itineraries with all the major cities are frequent, while the interurban buses ensure the access to every village of the area.

Access by train in Phocis is realized only with the village Lilaia of Parnassus. The rest areas are served by the rail network of Fthiotida and Boeotia, whose stations are very close.

Finally, if you are in the Peloponnese and in the region of Aegio, operates ferry boat line that connects by boat Phocis to Aegio. This line Aegio - Agios Nikolaos Tolophon, a small port near Erateini, is from Amfissa about 60 km far away.

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