Phocis - Nature

Surrounded by great mountains with many caves and hiking paths crossing the area, Phocis is famous for its rich nature.

The nature of these areas is almost untouched and attracts visitors who choose to know the secrets and enjoy the tranquility it offers. Every step in nature is worth the attention of the visitor: the National Park of Parnassus, numerous beautiful places that one can visit to relax in nature, but also the countless paths for hikers, walkers and climbers excite everyone.

Visits in caves, in countless sources, small and larger rivers, forests of fir and cedar, are just some of the activities you can enjoy in nature.

The famous olive grove of Amfissa also stands out with trees dating hundreds of years ago and each one is a unique monument of nature, but also the gorge of Rekka in Gkiona, where anyone can enjoy nature in all its glory.

  • Mariolata – Bartospilia

    The route from Mariolata to the cave of Bartospilia lasts about an hour, crossing beautiful locations and it’s relatively easy for the hikers.

  • Kirra – Delphi

    The route Kirra - Delphi marches on the ancient path that has connected the port of Kirra with the Oracle of Delphi.

  • Eptalophos – Polydrosos

    The route Eptalophos - Polydrosos connects the two villages of Parnassus. The hike takes about 3.5 hours in the nature.

  • The Climbing to the Gorge of Rekkas

    Climbing the Gorge of Rekkas lasts up to ten hours in a landscape of unique beauty in the largest canyon of Gkiona.

  • Eptalophos – Delphi

    The hiking route to Eptalophos - Delphi covers 18 km and connects the village of Parnassus with the ancient oracle.

  • Delphi-Korukeion Antron

    The route Delphi – Korukeion Antron is accessible for all and connects the ancient oracle with one of the most spectacular caves in Greece.

  • Delphi – Top Cochran

    The route Delphi - Top Cochran to Desfina offers an amazing view of the archaeological site of Delphi and it is quite accessible for the hikers.

  • Charmaina-Castle

    The route Charmaina - Castle in Amfissa leads from the district Tampakidwn to the Castle of Salonwn, while passing by the church of the Savior.

  • The river Pindus

    The river Pindus is a small river of Phocis emanating from Gkiona and Oiti and flows into the Boeotian Kifissos.

  • Kefalovruso

    Kefalovruso is one of the largest sources in Gkiona and it is between Oinochori and Kaloskopi.

  • Eptastomos

    Eptastomos is the cave gulf on Parnassus, where is situated the most southern glacier in Europe!

  • Βιτρίνα

    Η Βιτρίνα είναι ένα από τα σπήλαια, ίσως το πιο εντυπωσιακό, που συναντά κανείς στις πλαγιές της Γκιώνας, του ψηλότερου βουνού της Στερεάς Ελλάδας. Η Βιτρίνα βρίσκεται στη θέση Μεσονήσι, έξω από το χωριό Βουνιχώρα, σε υψόμετρο 700 μέτρων περίπου, 20 χιλιόμετρα απόσταση από την Άμφισσα.

  • Akona

    The cave Akona is situated outside of Galaxidi and it was used as a place of worship in antiquity.

  • Forest village Kapsitsas

    The Forest Village Kapsitsa consists of twenty houses situated at an altitude of 1150 meters outside Prosilio Phocis.

  • Olive grove of Amfissa

    The Olive Grove of Amfissa is the largest continuous grove in Greece with trees that age lost in the lapse of centuries.

  • The Gorge of Rekkas

    The Gorge of Rekkas is in Gkiona and it is the most impressive of Greece. Its length is 13 km, which can be crossed on foot.

  • Pine forest

    The pine forest Vardoussia is easily visited as it is located near the villages Mousounitsa and Athanasios Diakos.

  • Waterfalls of Stromi

    The Waterfall of Stromi is located in Gkiona , just outside the village , on the provincial road . It is small but brash, in stunning landscape.

  • Islets of Itea

    Seven are in total the islets in Itea Krissaios Bay in front of the beach of the town.

  • Cave at Galaxidi

    The Cave of Galaxidi is located in the small town square Nikolas Mamas.

  • Korukeion Antron

    Korukeion Antron is among the most important caves of Greece and it is located in Parnassus. In antiquity there was here sanctuary and oracle.

  • Parnassus Ski Center

    The Parnassus Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Greece and concentrates many people on its pistes .

  • The National Park of Parnassus

    The National Park of Parnassus is bordered by 1938 and includes numerous fauna and flora of the large mountain in Central Greece.

  • Oiti

    Oiti is the mountain of flowers in the prefecture of Phocis, Purgos is its highest top with an altitude of 2,152 meters .

  • Gkiona

    Gkiona is the highest mountain in Central Greece, with the top Pyramid in 2,510 meters. It is rich in flora and fauna and promotes a variety of activities.

  • Vardoussia

    Vardoussia is a mountain range of Phocis, the highest top is Korakas, with an altitude of 2,495 meters.

  • Parnassus

    Parnassus is one of the most important mountains of Greece and now hosts the most popular ski center in the country.

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