Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos, the second village that meets the traveler starting from Amfissa to Itea, located at a short distance from the village of Agios Georgios but it is accessible from the highway Itea – Amfissa.

Beside the greater Agios Georgios, Agios Konstantinos of Amfissa is a small village situated at an altitude of 158 meters. Ath the center of Agios Konstantinos stands the homonym church where a festival takes palce every year, on 21 May.

According to the popular tradition, Agios Konstantinos was a place of exile during the Ottoman period as the wider area of Amfissa has been the focus of the revolutionary struggle of Roumeli, with the action of chieftains like Odysseus Androutsos, Athanasios Diakos, Panourgias and others.

Along with Agios Georgios and Sernikaki, Agios Konstantinos is one of the three villages in the west of the oldest olive grove in Greek territory, known as olive grove of Amfissa with lots of its olive trees to be there for hundreds of years.

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