The village Apostolias is located in the north of Gravia after Kastellia, built at an altitude of 520 meters, at the foot of Oiti. Apostolias took its name from the majestic church of Agion Apostolon, which dominates in the center of the village and it is celebrated by a great festival every June 30 July.

Apostolias is the name of the river that passes outside the village, which until 1927 was called Katw Kaniani.

Until the Second World War, on the eastern side of Apostolias till to the top of the mountain there were bauxite mines, where the most of the residents of the village worked. During the occupation, however, the Italians destroyed the facilities and the mining of ore stopped and so the residents of Apostolias turned to farming and the cultivation of cereals.

At the fountain in the square of the Apostolias, between the stone houses and churches, you will be cooled in any time of the year be here.

If you visit the area in the first days of September, do not miss the festival of the church of the Nativity of Mary, in 8 of September, in which the residents of Apostolias, of Oinochori and Kastellia.

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