Archangels in Desfina

The church of the Archangels in Desfina is dating from the 14th century and it is situated in the grounds of the most recent church of Agios Charalambos of the town. The interior is fully of frescoes and the chapel is considered as a Byzantine monument.

The Archangels in Desfina is a small chapel length 6.2 meters and width of 3.86 meters and it is built at a rate aisled, domed basilica. It has only one entrance and a small window in the sanctuary. According to the inscription which is still visible inside the entrance, the chapel of the Archangels in Desfina built in 1332, under the emperor Andronicus Palaeologus in Byzantium, the priests Konstantinos Analytis and one of the Konstantino Seirioti.

The walls of the Archangels in Desfina are built of large stones inserted between them bricks. On the roof of the church there are still the original tiles.

The interior of the Archangels in Desfina is decorated with frescoes survived largely structured in a specific way: the dome is depicted by scenes of the Gospel, then the prophets, in the arch of the temple the Platytera, while in the walls are distinguished witnesses busts and full body Saints. The Virgin resting her hand on the shoulder of small Jesus is the most impressive mural of the Archangels in Desfina.

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