Bartospilia is one of the largest caves of Greece, in capacity. It’s near the village Mariolata, outside of the historic Gravia. Bartospilia’s name comes from the word gunpowder, as at this cave, in the heart of Roumeli, the guerrillas in 1821 used to manufacture gunpowder. Secure the hideout of Bartospilias they prepared attacks fight for the independence of the Greeks.

In order to reach to Bartospilia of Mariolatas it’s necessary to walk a beautiful path, for about an hour. The path to Bartospilia starts from the church of Agia Paraskevi (initially as a dirt road) and crosses the canyon of Kakorema, a landscape of unique beauty. The path ends to the imposing entrance of Bartospilia after a way not very difficult and exhausting.

Inside the Bartospilia the visitor can see a towering hall, with huge capacity of stalagmites and stalactites, and big stone river basins. On the left there is still a hall, although smaller than the central but equally impressive.

The view from the hill of Bartospilia is also impressive and one more reason to get here!

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