Bishop of Salona Isaiah

The Bishop of Salona Isaiah was enlightened clergyman of Amfissa, in the period that broke the Greek Revolution of 1821. He took active part in organizing Struggle of the Greek and the battles that followed. He was pioneered in the siege of the Castle of Salona, alongside the famous chieftains of Roumeli as Athanasius Diakos, Panourgias and Dyovouniotis.

The Bishop of Salona Isaiah was born in 1780 in Desfina and anointed monk in 1797 in the old Monastery of the Honest John the Baptist. Then he lived some time in the monastery of Osios Loukas in Elikwnas and then summoned to Constantinople and became Bishop of Salona. Together with Patriarch Gregory V prepared the Revolution and the involvement of the church in the struggle.

The Bishop of Salona Isaiah blessed the weapons of the Greeks guerillas and after the fall of the Castle of Salona he leaved the vestments and joined the army. He fought in the battle of Alamana, alongside Athanasios Diakos, where he is mortally wounded. The Bishop of Salona Isaiah died on 22 April 1821, in the place Chalkomata.

In the homeland of the Bishop of Salona Isaiah, in Desfina, survives till today his house, which serves as a museum to his life and work.

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