The Cave of Kontylos

Full of caves and geological formations the area of Phocis, every village in Parnassus has to show something special! Just outside the village Polydrosos, at the southwest there is the ravine Xerias, at the depth of which there is the Cave of Kontylos.

The Cave of Kontylos of Parnassus  consist a place that can be visited , with a path which reaches at the entrance can be considered relatively easily in the region and recommended even for inexperienced hikers. The interior of the cave Kontylos is decorated by stalactites and stalagmites, consisting of a fairly large hall, with impressive stone formations.

The name Kontylos is female and probably comes from a woman who has lived in a cave or she has tragically killed here – the Cave of Kontylos not devoid of legends and traditions, as indeed all the area.

In Cave Kontylos will get from Polydrosos, known by the name Souvala, while the village Eptalophos of Parnassus is near.

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