The Cave of Stromi

The Cave of Stromi is about 10 kilometers outside the homonym village on the slopes of Gkiona. The importance of the cave is not as geologically as the Cave of Stromi is one of the many caves, smaller or larger, of Gkiona, but historical: here are devised the plans and have been realized the secret meetings for the organization of the first act of great resistance in Greece during the Second World War: the blowing up of the bridge Gorgopotamos, on 25 November 1942.

The blowing up of the bridge was done with the help of British saboteurs who came to Greece for this purpose. They arrived in the mountains of Roumeli with the help of Greek guerillas, they settled for about 40 days in the Cave of Stromi organizing jointly the venture. The Cave of Stromi is known for these reasons as the Cave of Englishmen and the Cave of the Resistance.

In the Cave of Stromi, today is celebrated the National Resistance of the period of occupation, that kept high the spirit and the morale of the Greek, although all villages experienced the horrific reprisals of conquerors.

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