The village of Delphi, as it seems of its name, is located in a short distance from the archaeological site and 2.5 miles southeast of Amfissa. It is the continuation of the archaeological site of the Oracle and the medieval village Kastri, which was built over the ruins.

In relation to the archaeological site, Delphi has an altitude difference of 200 meters and surrounded by two high vertical rocks known as Phaedriades Stones.

The village of Delphi moved to its current location in the end of 19th century, when the archaeological excavations have begun.

It’s the center of climbing and trekking tourism as it is surrounded by an organized network of ancient paths.

Many attribute to the village of Delphi a special action, combining it with the concept of the ancient world for the navel of the Earth.

Apart from visiting the archaeological site, Delphi can cover every necessity with the hotels, resorts, restaurants, taverns and bars that are available while the visitors- especially during the summer – can attend events in ancient stage or visit the home of the poet Angelos Sikelianos that currently functions as a museum.

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