The history of Drosochori starts in the early of 20th century, although it was known by the name or Kalovata or Kolovata. According to the reports, the name came from the fact that in the region there were large briers. However, the General Makriyannis in his memoirs refers to “Kolovates “.

Built at an altitude of 906 meters, Drosochori is located in the northeast of Amfissa and it is often a perfect base for walks and climbs. It is said, that Drosochori offered the best view on the top of Gkiona.

Due to its climate, from which it took its current name in the 1950s, Drosochori is an ideal tourist destination  both in winter and summer.

For the lovers of caves, near to Drosochori is situated the Cave Tziva, a cavern with a total depth of 65 meters.

According to legend, Tzivas was the lover of a shepherd’s woman, who for revenge had put somebody to kill him. The killer threw the corpse of Tziva to the cave and when his sister knew it, she asked of the villagers to download her with rope to find the lifeless body of her brother, which ultimately has risen to the ground to bury it.

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