Elaionas is the first village that meets the traveler that will follow the highway Amfissa-Bralos with destination to Lamia.

It is located about 5 km from Amfissa and it is built at the foot of Parnassus through the trees.

Elaionas got its name from the plain with the olives which encircle Amfissa but the majority of locals use the older name “Topolia” derived from the Slavic word topol that means poplar.

The olive trees, pines and sycamores, the cool fountains among them, but also an impressive waterfall make this village one of the most beautiful villages.

Through Elaionas stand out twelve chapels of the village and the church of Agios Vasileios with the wooden temple from the late 19th century. An architectural masterpiece is considered the building of primary school which is built by the national benefactor Andrew Suggros.

In the region of Elaionas, on the highway, is the historic location of Amplianis, where on 14 July 1824 the rebellious Greeks took one of the most important victories of the struggle for the liberation of their homeland.

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