Forest of the Cedars

Just outside the village, at the foot Vounichora Gkiona , fourteen kilometers from Galaxidi is a beautiful cedar forest area . It is a unique monument of natural beauty, accessible by the visitors of the area, since it’s easy to find it from the village. The Forest of the Cedars extends from Vounichora to the neighboring village Karoutes , which belongs to the municipality of Lidoriki .

Trees with large trunks, bulky, irregular crown of branches consist the cedar forest Gkiona . The leaves are needle-like, while the tree itself does not need much water to grow – Gkiona is also the most anhydrous from other mountains of Phocis, Vardoussia , Oiti and Parnassus . The aromatic wood of these trees gives another special property in this unique attraction, the Forest of the Cedars of Vounichora .

At a short distance from the Forest of the Cedars, it’s easy to visit the cave Vitrina, but also the neighboring villages and Penteoria and Agia Euthumia.

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