Girl’s school of Galaxidi

It is constructed in 1880 to serve as the Girl’s school of Galaxidi. Today, the neoclassical building of the “Primary School Girls” sticks out with its archaic style entrance and its particular frame in the shape of T.

The Girl’s school of Galaxidi worked as a girls’ school until 1928-1929. Since then, it was used only the great hall as a theater, until 1949, when it was bought by the family Koulompourou and then donated it to the community. The Ministry of Culture has characterized the Girl’s school of Galaxidi as a maintained monument, in 1992.

Located in the traditional village center and a marble plaque at the entrance informs the construction’s year, in 1880, when Nicholas Loukeris has been the mayor.

The building of the Girl’s school of Galaxidi is a ground floor, while on the back there is a photo storey section. Its ground floor is basically a large room with many windows.

The entrance of the Girl’s school of Galaxidi impresses with two Doric columns. The roof is of Byzantine tiles, while its windows are framed by pilasters with Doric termination.

Today the Girl’s school of Galaxidi operates as an independent public welfare institution called Institution Community Theatre of Galaxidi and it is managed by a five member committee. Plus, it is available for meetings and cultural events such as theater and dance performances.

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