Holy Mary Mavromantila

 Ruins of the old church of Holy Mary Mavromantila dating from the 6th century BC can be seen by visitors very close to Polydrossos, in Parnassus. The temple is considered sample cruciform temple and it is rare for Greece. Holly Mary Mavromantila was excavated and purified in May 1965 and since then it’s accessible to visitors.

The legend that explains the strange and unusual name of the monastery – Holy Mary Mavromantila – returns us to earlier times: Once, two lads claimed the heart of a beautiful new woman, Eleoussas. As the city of the region at that time had a great shortage of water and temples, Eleoussa asked from the two men, one to dig up the rock to find water and the other to build a magnificent church. Anyone completes first its task would marry her. The years went by, until the time that the water flowed from the rock! But it was precisely at this time that the second ended also with the building of the temple. Great controversy erupted between them for the victory and the heart of the Eleoussa, and it was such that has led them both of them to death! Eleoussa went into mourning for her entire life.

The tradition gave the name Eleoussa to the source and named the Holy Mary Mavromantila to remind the black clothes of the young woman since then.

In Holy Mary Mavromantila, you will arrive immediately after Polydrossos of Parnassus, the old Souvala.

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