The name Kaloskopi says it clearly: the view from 1050 meters altitude on the slopes of Gkiona is incomparable. Kaloskopi is traditionally built village and it is one of the major tourist centers of Phocis, as the backdrop is completed from a variety of water, trees and firs.

In Kaloskopi, was born the brave fighter of ’21 Papa Andreas- Moris, known also as Papantrias.

From Kaloskopi, you will you start to visit the green location “Traka”, the cave  of Korakofolia and ” Polemistres“, where the Greeks thieves’ guerillas attacked to the Turks .

Kaloskopi is one of the agonizing villages of Greece, as it was burned down twice during the German occupation and it was suffered from destructions during the Civil War.

The oldest name Kaloskopi was Koukouvista, a law, but in the early 20th century it forced the change of Slavic place names so it is acquired its current name.

In Kaloskopi, twice a year big festivals take place: Agia Paraskevi on 26th of July, in the square of the village and in the Holy Spirit in the church of the Holy Trinity which is 6 kilometers away from the village.

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