In the west of Gravia, at an altitude of 500 meters in Gkiona is situated Kastellia which is built during the Frank occupation and took their name from the Latin word Castellum, meaning small fort built as fortifications, with the ruins of this castle to survive even in the upper part of the village. At Agios Vasilios, there are also saved ruins of the ancient city Erineos, in place of which is currently situated Kastellia.

In front of Kastellia, at the foot of Gkiona and Oiti, the basin Boeoticos of Kifissos lies.

Located 35 km from Amfissa and about 20 km from the ski resort of Parnassus, Kastellia is served and the railway station of Bralos, which is located just 2 km away.

Kastellia has been the center of Ancient Doris as it is located in the center of the ancient Tetrapolis (Kytinio – Erineos – Voios and Pindos or Akyfantos), which was the metropolis of the Dorians in antiquity.

At the entrance of the village, the visitors are welcomed by Dendros of Laspa, a big old tree, which took its name from the nickname of the owner of the field. Kastellia crosses and divides into two districts, which are joined by a bridge, the river Pindus.

Approximately 5 km from Kastellia is called “Palikoastelli”, a place full of trees of dense vegetation on the slope of Gkiona, which can be a perfect choice for a small excursion. Two miles to “Paliokastelli” and seven of Kastelliais is located Hani of Zagana, where the traveler can combine good food with a beautiful view to the pine forest .

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